AK Web Apps, Inc

Established 2011

Formerly: Ashley Kathleen
Established: 2003

The Biz

AK Web Apps is a small business located in Austin, deep in the heart of Texas. The company continues to evolve over the years starting in 2003 as a Sole Proprietorship with local businesses growing into a Corporation supporting global clients within Fortune 500 companies. Although the client list has grown the primary MISSION of the company has stayed the same: build customer relationships and help make every day business functions more efficient using web-based applications.

What's With the Dandelion?

The dandelion is so many beautiful things. It's a flower that transforms (my favorite) into a wistful cotton ball. Precious gifts to mothers. Grants wishes when blown. Carries seeds on the wind. Strong, resilient, and surprisingly, a weed. Available for everyone to enjoy.

Ashley Salinas

Owner / Developer
Carb Addict

A Little Personal

I'll eventually need to let go of some control and hire the team I planned to in the beginning of this journey. For the time being, it's just me - Ashley.

I graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2000 earning a BA in Psychology and a Bfa in Art. I started working at the SMU Webmasters Office in 1997 supporting student and organizational websites as well as teaching myself ASP and database architecture. In 2000, during the internet startup boom, I moved to Austin, Texas to begin my web career.

Skills & Services

I've learned a few things. What to do, definitely what NOT to do. I've really gotten into the immediacy of jQuery/Ajax. I also love that you can manipulate layout using style sheets.

Coding Languages

.NET Services


Application Architecture,
Application Development,
User Interface Consulting,
User Interface Design,
Responsive Website Design,
Website Templating,
Template "Carving",
Content Management Systems,
Microsoft Server Setup/Administration,
SQL Setup/Administration,
SQL Database Architecture,
SQL Programming


Personal relationships,
You're more than an invoice,
Your app built your way,
Free bug fixes,
I'm not happy until your happy,
Let's work together

Passion / Strengths

I enjoy hearing "my job is so much easier since you added ..." My strength is listening to a basic job function, the frustrations, the current work arounds, the limitations, and then turning around and developing an application that makes their job easier.

AK CMS (Content Management System)

Most projects start with a CMS. You've probably heard of WordPress or Joomla. I wasn't a fan of their combersome and finicky website management solutions so I bult my own.

Highlights & Features

Content Mgmt Tools

  • Manage up to 5 sites
  • Unlimited pages per site
  • Page Designer with ready made page layouts
  • Code Developer

Shared Content Tools

  • News Items / Item Lists
  • Blogs
  • Events
  • External RSS feeds

Shared Resources

  • Form Builder / data collector
  • Asset manager
  • People collector/manager
  • Template Management


Get in touch

Have questions? Like what you see? Need to contact me?

AK Web Apps, Inc
5114 Balcones Woods Dr, Suite 307-154
Austin, TX 78759
  (512) 763-0026